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Will These Riddles Strain Your Brain?

How good are you at solving tricky riddles?

Riddles are great for your brain. They allow you to think in ways that you otherwise wouldn't.


OK... this one requires some thought. Read it a few times and think.

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While you're thinking about this one, here's another to get your mind going!

This one, we think, is a little easier.

Trust us!

Here we go!

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Maybe if you get the answer to this one first, you can go back and take down the first one!


We'll give you both answers at once, so don't give up on one of them too soon before you scroll all the way down!

You ready for the answers?


Are you sure? If you didn't figure them out yet, take one last try.


Riddle 1:

The answer is...

His breath!

Did you get it?

Riddle 2:

The answer is...


Today is yesterday's tomorrow!

How quickly did you solve these?? See if your friends and family can do just as well.