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You Must Have A Creative Mind If You Can Solve All 7 Of These Celebrity Name Brainteasers! It Is NOT Easy!

There are 7 well-known celebrities hiding in these images.

There are 7 well-known celebrities hiding in these images. You need to sound out each image in order to form the celebrities name! Sounds easy enough right? Well, give it a go!


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Did you solve them all? Do you need some help?

Ok, we will do the first one with you...

The first part of the picture is a pair of jeans minus the letter s = jean. Now plus the letter a = jeana. The second is a picture of a fish and the third is someone pointing to a woman so, therefore, = 'her'. When you put them all together you get "jeana fish her" in other words, JENNA FISCHER!

See how it works? Do you think you can figure out the rest now? Give it another go!

Got all the answers now? You can check them with the results below!

  1. Jenna Fischer
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Beyonce
  4. Ed Sheeran
  5. Megan Fox
  6. Meryl Streep
  7. Prince Harry

Post your score and then pass along this tricky brainteaser now and see how many of your friends and loved ones can beat your score!