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Study Shows A Mom's Work is Equal to More than Two Full Time Jobs!

Motherhood certainly isn't a cakewalk! Whether it's rushing the kids back and forth to school, preparing meals, nursing babies, or helping with homework, it seems like a mother's job is never done. One recent survey of 2,000 moms reinforces that commonly held belief. In fact, the number of hours moms who were included in the survey said their parental duties took during the typical week may shock you. As it turns out, it was a whopping 98 hours per week! That's more than two 40-hour full-time jobs!

The study, which was conducted by Welches fruit juice company, showed that moms begin their mommy workday at around 6:20 in the morning and don't end it until after 8:30 in the evening. No wonder so many moms feel tired most of the time!

One of the most shocking portions of the survey was the amount of time mothers indicated that they spent on doing things for themselves each day. That amount of time averaged just over one hour per day! Around 40 percent of the moms surveyed expressed feeling under constant pressure to perform a huge checklist of duties that can tend to make them feel overwhelmed on a regular basis.

When asked for a list of items that helps them to cope with their busy lifestyle the responses varied. Some expressed thankfulness for their child's playthings and electronics. Many indicated a strong dependence on drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee. Others attributed at least a portion of their sanity to modern conveniences. These could include things like disposable diapers and wipes, washing machines, and dishwashers, to name just a few.

When you stop and think about it, this survey is a reflection of real life for many busy moms. Moms are usually the ones who have to keep track of everyone's important upcoming events, such as school programs, sporting events, social outings, and doctor visits. They're also often largely responsible for making sure their families eat nutritious meals and snacks, get the proper amount of rest, and get their school work done correctly. Moms are also seen as a huge source of emotional support for their children at each stage of development, whether it be rocking babies, telling bedtime stories to toddlers, or helping teenagers navigate the ups an downs of dealing with friends and hormonal changes.

It's no secret that moms can use all the help they can get to make it through life. That's why it's so crucial for those of us who recognize how stressed out moms can get do all we can to come alongside and support them. If you know a busy mom, you can let her know how much you appreciate all her hard work. But don't just pay lipservice. Put some action behind your words of gratitude. You can do this by asking her for some practical ways you can help her out. If she isn't sure what to say because she may not have ever had anyone offer to help her before, you could make a few suggestions. These could include offering to prepare a meal for her and her family once in a while, offering to babysit or run to the store for her, or just offering to get together with her for some quality time talking with another adult.

Being a mom truly has to be one of the most challenging jobs in the world, but it's also definitely one of the most rewarding. That's why so many moms say they wouldn't trade it for anything else!

If you're a busy mom, do the results of this study resonate with you? Do you feel like the amount of time the moms indicated in the study was accurate? How does knowing that you have one of the world's hardest jobs make you feel? If you're not a mom how does this study impact your viewpoint of the moms you interact with on a regular basis?

Let us know your thoughts about this important survey! You can pass this compelling story along to your friends and family on Facebook to let them know how much we should appreciate all the good moms out there, especially the ones in our own lives!