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Partners Who Really Love Each Other Tend To Get Fat. According To Recent Research

Because many will marry only once in their lifetime, it’s important to acknowledge what the effects of a successful and happy marriage can have on the human body.

Because many will marry only once in their lifetime, it’s important to acknowledge what the effects of a successful and happy marriage can have on the human body.

People tend to fantasize about marriage before they actually get married. The fact is, their preconceived notions about how a successful marriage should look and feel lacks the marital experience one requires to have an informed point of view on the subject.

Because many will marry only once in their lifetime, it’s important to acknowledge what the effects of a successful and happy marriage can have on the human body.

To that end, body changes of married couples were recorded by researchers following over 10,000 participants from all around the world. What they discovered is that partners who really loved each other tend to get fat after marriage, and according to the data from multiple research projects in Australia and the United States, they tend to begin gaining weight almost immediately.

In fact, a married couple will gain weight every year of marriage if they allow themselves to fall into one of the traps of marriage, AKA, the “What’s for dinner?” question. If you and your partner are unable to agree on how to stay healthy while married, you may begin to see the fact that marriage is more real than fantasy.

Blinded By Happiness Kateryniuk

Many of the notions couples had before getting married change now that the ceremony is over. One thing that many couples do not think about is their health after marriage because they see life as a loving place, fresh with their new role as husband or wife. The happy Newlyweds will tend to think about the now and be likely to leave preparing for the future for a later date.

The difficulty with putting off your problems is that both partners can fall into a dangerous lifestyles which will result in amassing large amounts of weight once married. Married couple may even be blinded by the buildup of fat even after adding as much as 20% to their overall body mass.

The couple may not realize it, but their eating habits have everything to do with their weight. Science has researched why this phenomenon occurs in so many married couples and found that weight gain is a detriment to getting married and especially for married couples who are enjoying marriage a little more than they should according to research.

The Great Dinner Debate And Weight

Most newlyweds do not recognize that they will eat out more if they feel their successful enough to manage the bills that come with eating out. The argument over dinner begins before “I do” and never ends. Couples who want to uncover the reasons behind their weight gain are encouraged to review their habits and see how restaurant dinners may be the major contributing factor in their own, personal weight gain.

Couples who gain weight with each new anniversary that passes are destined to continue to add more and more fat to their frames if they were not to change something in their daily routine.

The debate over why couples who really love each other tend to gain weight because of the way a couple shares life; it’s not two people two lives, it’s two people one life. The debate over where to go to dinner is another major contributing factor to why married couples tend to gain weight over time, especially when they’re truly in love with each other and their lives together.

Doctors and Scientists Agree Fat Grows Inside A Successful Marriage

Scientific and medical research shows how married couples gain weight over the life of their marriage. With the introduction of new research, the reasons for married couples getting fatter are more obvious than before getting married.

A single person may be looking for love and they are living a lifestyle where healthy eating, exercising, and maintaining a healthy body image is important in mammals like us humans. The hunt for a mate for both men and women change entirely once they commit to marriage.

The research shows how slowly the changes can occur and how subtle the influence can be. It does not change the fact that as a married couple moves through life, they tend to ad wealth which will increase the amount of consumption including foodstuffs. Now that two lives have been combined to become one, the lifestyle the couple chooses can play a major impact on whether a couples is fit or fat. Scheduling can allow a couple to exercise or cause them to fall behind and gain weight instead of lose it.

Weight gain for married couples may be as big a surprise to you as it was the participants of the research into weight gain and the married couple.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation by your doctor. Your health is important to us.

Content originaly published on Daily Broccoli

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