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10 Reasons Why Moms Should Learn A New Language

Moms are our superheros, but adding just one more skill could be incredibly useful.

There are a lot of things that you need to learn as a mom: how to change a diaper, handle childhood illnesses, and help your kids make friends. Have you ever thought about adding a new language to the list?

You’re probably thinking, are you kidding? You think I have time for that? But studies show that there are a lot of benefits to learning a language as a mom!

1. You’ll get way better at juggling the things moms have to do. Handling the complexity of language makes bilingual people great at multitasking.

2. Bilingualism will look great on your resume during a job search. Especially for a new mom looking to get back into the workforce.

3. You’ll understand your first language better. This will come in handy when helping kids with English homework!

4. Language learning is great for combatting the dreaded “mom brain.” Studies show that bilingualism correlates with better memory.

5. Bilingualism will send your confidence sky high! Greater confidence is a natural side effect of mastering a complex skill.

6. Language will connect you to more of the people around you. Words can open a lot of doors in your social life.

7. Studies show that bilingualism can get creative juices flowing. A perfect skill for those after school art projects.

8. You'll get more perceptive and aware of your surroundings. A mom should always have eyes in the back of her head.

9. You’ll learn to appreciate another culture. Language is the perfect gateway to learning about other places and people.

10. Bilingual people are more accepting of those who are different from them. This is an important trait to pass on to your kids.

Do you think mothers should be bilingual?