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Only The Most Intelligent People In The World Can Solve These Riddles

Riddles are the perfect aid for keeping your brain alert and maintaining your intelligence. Not many people enjoy them, but the ones who do are truly special!

The following riddles are too difficult for a majority of the population, so don't feel bad if you don't get them right on the first try!

Are you ready to begin?


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  1. 16

  2. A mirror

  3. Science books, like all other books, have odd-numbered pages, which means pages 15 and 16 are front and back and nothing can be stuck in between them.

  4. The ice cubes were poisonous and hadn't melted into the punch when the first man drank from it.

  5. Man overboard.

Amazing job! You're one of the very few people who made it this far without giving up! You are definitely in the top percentile of the most intelligent people if you passed. :)

Did you pass? How do you think your friends will do?