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Can You Figure Out These 10 Word Puzzles? Only 1 In 50 People Can!

This is a tricky brainteaser and requires you to think outside the box in order to figure out all of these word puzzles.

All you have to do is find the hidden word or saying from these 10 puzzles. Sounds easy? Well give it a go, only 1 in 50 people have gotten 10/10 so it might have you scratching your head!


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Did you figure them all out? Some were very tricky and you really had to think outside of the box! if you did not get 10/10, don't worry - we have the answers for you below!

Have you given up? Or just want to double check you got them all right?

Ok, here are the correct answers:

  1. i understand
  2. reading between the lives
  3. tricycle
  4. life after death
  5. road crossing
  6. long time no see
  7. jack in the box
  8. backward glance
  9. lazy afternoon
  10. circles under the eyes

Did you get them all right? Only a really creative thinker can achieve this! Pass along this tricky brainteaser and challenge your friends and loved ones!