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Study Says Drinking Alcohol Is Better Than Exercise For Living A Longer Life

Moderate alcohol consumption has multiple connections to positive health benefits.

Moderate alcohol consumption has multiple connections to positive health benefits.

Studies have shown that alcohol is not as bad for you as everyone thought it was. Scientists are finding that a long and prosperous life could be associated with moderate alcohol consumption.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has released a new study linking alcohol consumption to prosperity. Their studies show that a moderate amount of alcohol consumed judiciously ensures the majority of drinkers have a better life.

Researcher and neurologist Claudia Kawas concluded that drinking one or two glasses of beer or wine a day reduced the risk of premature death in her test subjects.

Claudia drew her information from a UC Irvine study called the 90+ Study, and she discovered that data from that study proved her point. Claudia is certain that this study proves that certain people can use alcohol to manage their lifestyle. She has found that lifestyle causes many changes in how someone prospers.

People who drank a small amount every day had their risk of death reduced by 18%. Someone who exercised many days a week saw their risk of death reduced by 11%. This lifestyle information came out of nowhere, and it provided Claudia with a conclusion that she always suspected.

Another study in the BMJ Open found that Alzheimer's patients who were drinking alcohol moderately had a lower chance of dying even while they were in nursing care facilities.

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology has found that people who drank moderately were less likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

The people who were drinking moderately saw their risk of death from any disease fall by 25% to 30%. The study covered over 8 years of data, and over 330,000 people were included in the study.

The research that has been done shows a link between better living and alcohol. However, alcohol has its problems. You may gain weight if you are drinking too much, and you may be drinking alcohol that is not good for your cholesterol. Your body cannot handle problem-drinking, and your liver may not be cut out for the amount of drinking you do.

Look deeply into the ways that alcohol may improve your diet or exercise plan. Alcohol consumption is one of the simpler things to manage, and you may change the way that you drink to align with a healthy lifestyle. Moderate consumption is possible for everyone who tries.

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