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Science Says Eating Fast Food Is Linked To Fat Gain

Now research actually *proves* it, so before you think about eating that juicy burger because you've had a stressful day, think first.

Admit it, you've probably enjoyed fast food a couple of times in the past month. Or maybe just about every day. In America, it is safe to say that fast food is pretty popular.

Why do we eat it? Because it is made quick and because it tastes good. According to NBC News, those who eat fast food on a regular basis are in for a nasty surprise. Eating it can make you fat. Surprise? Maybe not.

While you may have been able to figure out on your own that fast food makes people fat, there was actually very little research on the topic. That is until the Lancet medical journal published their study.

The study focused its research on the link between fast food and serious diseases including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. The studies all concluded that there was, in fact, a link between them.

Before the study was published, fast-food chains often made claims regarding the health benefits that can come from eating their food. Without specific scientific data to prove those claims wrong, many people believed that fast food could be a part of a healthy diet.

iStock-871254830 (1) Nazarov

David Ludwig, who is in an executive at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, performed an extensive 15-year study to collect data on the matter. During the study, he recorded the eating habits of 3,000 young, healthy individuals. He also recorded their physical health and well-begin through gathering examinations performed by doctors.

After the data was collected, Ludwig studied the results and came to a conclusion. On average, those who ate fast food two times or more every week gained ten more pounds than those only ate it once a week or less. There was also some interesting data regarding the link between diabetes and fast food.

The study showed that those who ate fast food regularly also had two times the risk of developing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance often leads to Type 2 diabetes and is also linked to obesity.

What makes fast food so unhealthy?

You have to consider the fact that fast food branches are more interested in making money than they are in the general health of the public. With that being said, they aren't making us eat it, we choose to. Anyway, some people are curious about what makes fast food so bad. To answer that question, there is one important factor that goes into making fast food so utterly bad for you.

The reason why fast food is unhealthy is that it is very high in calories. The food is often high in calories because of the way it is made, the ingredients in the food, and the use of taste-enhancing additives. While fast food is typically high in calories, it isn't very filling. That is why you must eat so much of it in order to get full. As you can imagine, taking in large amounts of calories on a daily basis is going to lead to weight gain and health problems.

Hopefully, now you know about the dangers of consuming fast food. If you really can't fight the urge to eat fast food, you don't need to cut it out entirely. As long as you eat it less than once a week, you are technically exempt from the dangers spoken about in the study.

In the end, eating it in moderation isn't going to kill you. Just don't overdo it. If you know someone who eats fast food a little more than they probably should, maybe suggest that they check this article out so that they can learn about the dangers of fast food consumption.

Have you been eating fast food without gaining weight? What's your secret?